Dec 11, 2010

ALARMING SURVEY: 75% of the Romanians, disturbed to have a gay in the family

LGBT people remain the most discriminated group in Romania, after people with HIV and right before Roma people, according to the latest survey by National Council Against Discrimination CNCD. The percentage of homophobia is high and although the Romanians consider themselves as very tolerant, 55% are uncomfortable when daily interacting with gay people, 56% would not eat together with a gay man, 85% would not drink water from the same glass with a gay person (same percentage as for a person having AIDS) and 85% would be offended if a same sex person is flirting with them.
Romanians think that discrimination as a phenomenon is present very often (18%) or often (44%) in Romania. More, after Romania entered the European Union, people think that discrimination is increasing (31%) or is at the same level (45%) but in the future will increase even further (27%) or will be at the same level (42%).

Dec 9, 2010

Moldova: Gay Suicide After Police Harrassment

On Monday night, 6 December a 27 year old gay man took his own life following an incident of homophobic harrassment by the Moldovan police earlier that day.

The incident started when a police car arrived at a known "crusing area" in the Moldovan capital Chişinau where only last May, the Liberal Mayor banned Moldova PRIDE, while allowing an anti-Gay demonstration to proceed. The police asked two men to go with them to the police car, where the two police officers proceeded to verbally abuse and intimidate the two men with homophobic and clearly derogatory remarks.

The incident was witnessed by a male staff member from the Moldovan LGBT organisation "Gender Doc-M" who witnessed this incident while he was doing outreach and HIV prevention work. He attempted to intervene on their behalf. As the situation was only deteriorating, the outreach worker contacted the President of Gender-Doc-M whose intervention result in their release but not before the police had taken their personal details including their work addresses. Only one of the police officers, Sergiu GAINA, presented his identity, his anonymous colleague was armed.

Dec 5, 2010

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW - Roy Raz, director of The Lady is Dead: It helped me to get outside of the routine of the 9 to 5 living

Roy Raz, a young Israeli producer, has recently hit the jackpot of fame with a clip he posted on YouTube, The Lady is Dead, that has more than 500.000 views until today. Beyond that, everybody talks about it... But who is Roy did an exclusive interview with the man behind the images and the story is more than interesting: commercials, gay life, parties, clubs, art, passion, photography and film but also connections with the porn industry... Extra that, Roy knows Romania very well...
For the beginning, tell us a few words about yourself and about your artistic life.
I am a producer and director based in Tel Aviv, I own a club here in Tel Aviv, which helps me to get outside of the routine of the 9 to 5 living... Besides that I am involved in some companies, all art/cinematic based. And actually, I've visited Romania many times, we shot there many commercial with Romanian production companies... I love it there!

Nov 16, 2010

Arkady one Hot Model

Arkady (just Andy for friends) is the model we choosed today for our Hot Boy section. He is from Romania, is 25 years, loves modeling, art, dance and travel.

He describes as a free spirit, he loves adventure (and we do not want to say love adventures because we don’t know that), he considers as open minded and thinks that diversity is a positive thing from which each of us would learn something.

In the future he sees himself still in the spotlight as a model, actor, dancer, etc. By the way he looks, definitely he will be…